Small Batch Premium Cigars


Providencia Cigars is by design a small batch, premium cigar manufacturer. It has taken us ten years to develop, refine and perfect two flagship blends. To control quality, we grow and age most of our own tobaccos in Honduras, then trade for other Nicaraguan tobaccos of equal quality to achieve our target flavor profiles. For 2016, the small batch production of our El Padre and El Santo blends will total 25,000 cigars. We are also growing and aging unique tobaccos for two new proprietary small batch blends that will likely be released in 2017.

New Honduran Blends

We are currently aging tobaccos and finalizing blends for two new cigars that will utilize our own Honduran aged tobaccos as well as exclusive island grown tobaccos from a secret location. Preliminary tasters have said this is the best cigar they have ever had, but until the whole tribe gets to enjoy and provide feedback, we won’t finalize the blend.