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New! The Trinitas

Providencia Cigars announces the release of the Trinitas small batch reserve blend. Using long-aged lijero leaf from Nicaragua and Honduras and a San Andreas Lijero wrapper, the blend is a bit north of medium-bodied with a full yet smooth flavor profile that can be enjoyed to the nub.
Two years into the development the Providencia Team and their professional reviewers agreed that the Trinitas Blend was something extraordinary that should be served up in a special shape to bring out the complex flavors. The Trinitas is a 6.5” x 52 double torpedo(figurado) that comes in boxes of 10 or bundles of 11.
Tasting notes from aficionados and notable reviewers describe the Trinitas as medium to full bodied, with some spice and sweet cocoa on the front end and leather, earth and almond notes throughout.

The El Padre

Our inaugural cigar was recently re-named the El Padre (The Father) by one of our greatest supporters of the brand – Ransomed Heart Ministries. It is a 52 gauge Toro (6”) Torpedo with a Nicaraguan Connecticut wrapper. Like the El Santo, it is blended predominately with aged tobaccos from our Honduran plantation, but also incorporates carefully aged premium tobaccos from Nicaragua. This medium bodied cigar is ideal for an everyday smoke and pairs well with dark coffee, Lapsang Souchong Tea or your favorite whiskey. To our surprise, mature cigar smokers that normally prefer a full-bodied smoke have fallen in love with the El Padre as their daily smoke.


The El Santo

The El Santo (The Saint) is our flagship cigar. It is a hand-crafted 52 gauge, Toro length (6”) box pressed Prensado with an aged Sumatran-seed Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper. Our proprietary blend of carefully aged Honduran tobaccos from our own plantations and Nicaraguan binders and long fillers make this an approachable cigar for the novice and a satisfying experience for the aficionado. The flavor profile is medium to full with notes of coffee, dark chocolate and earth. Small batch production, testing and substantial aging bring out the richest flavors found in Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

New! The Hostage

Providencia Cigars is pleased to announce the release of The Hostage, the company’s latest limited production launch. The Hostage name references founding Providencia partner Jim Faber’s harrowing escape from an attempted kidnapping (at gun point) while in Honduras, which ultimately lead to Jim fleeing the country with his wife and family.

The Hostage is a limited production, 6 x 52 box-pressed toro with a blend described as:

Wrapper – San AndrésBinder – Indonesian
Filler – Nicaragua and Honduran Ligero

This cigar offers the experienced palate, a complex flavor profile down to the finish with a solid full-strength body of smoke. It’s produced at the La Pequena Vega Cigar Factory in Danli, Honduras.

Small Batch Premium Cigars


Providencia Cigars is by design a small batch, premium cigar manufacturer. It has taken us ten years to develop, refine and perfect two flagship blends. To control quality, we grow and age most of our own tobaccos in Honduras, then trade for other Nicaraguan tobaccos of equal quality to achieve our target flavor profiles. For 2016, the small batch production of our El Padre and El Santo blends will total 25,000 cigars. We are also growing and aging unique tobaccos for two new proprietary small batch blends that will likely be released in 2017.

New Honduran Blends

We are currently aging tobaccos and finalizing blends for two new cigars that will utilize our own Honduran aged tobaccos as well as exclusive island grown tobaccos from a secret location. Preliminary tasters have said this is the best cigar they have ever had, but until the whole tribe gets to enjoy and provide feedback, we won’t finalize the blend.