Cigar Review: Providencia Trinitas – Rated 95

Back in late 2017, I reviewed the pre-release of the Providencia Cigars Trinitas and found it to be a very promising blend for this small, Texas based, boutique cigar company. Since that review, the company has been working to keep the Trinitas flowing to shops all while working on new and exciting blends like the 2018 Top 25 rated boutique cigar, the Hostage.

The company officially announced the Trinitas back in January of 2018 and I received some samples shortly thereafter. Having already reviewed the pre-release of the Trintas, I decided I would let the production samples age before officially reviewing them. So here I am, on day 1 of 2019, presenting the first review of the year. Things don’t stop here at Stogie Press!

After a rollicking New Years Eve, I awoke this morning to the “tap-tap” of little furry paws as the sun was rising. Yep, dogs don’t know New Years Day from any other. I crawled out of bed, a bit bleary eyed (5 hours of sleep) and let my furry friend Ziggy out in yard. I proceeded to open the humidor and ponder what would be a great start to the new year while giving me a nice jolt to start the day. I settled on the Providencia Cigars Trinitas, and why not, it is a Triple Ligero cigar that I have become familiar with and knew I could settle into my patio chair and enjoy the new day of a new year.

Today’s review is based on a Trinitas sample I received about a year ago. So this has some age on it. After I finished taking down notes I went back to the Pre-Release review I did in 2017 and compared what if any differences age contributed to the experience.

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Introducing Providencia Cigars


Observation is the key to my existence, my business, my relationships, my decisions.  I would say I’m an astute spectator.  But despite my egotistical analysis, I fuck up.  Most of the time the latter happens when I’m doing something that involves the minutiae of this business.  I’m no CPA.

For example, I just found out that my finger slipped when I was transcribing an order and instead of typing two boxes, I wrote 21 boxes for the customer.  Not good.  But the problem has been resolved, but not the personal embarrassment.  I pride myself on being correct – close to perfect.  But that’s asinine.  I’m not.  Obviously, I didn’t pick up on that error.  But that’s where the well-known phrase “Shit happens” pulls me back into reality.

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Providencia El Santo and El Padre Cigars

Cigar Craig – A Cigar Enthusiast’s Blog

Yesterday I had the luxury of smoking two cigars, so I decided to make it a “theme day” and smoke two that were new to me from Providencia Cigars. The cigars are made in Honduras with Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco in two blends, the El Padre and the El Santo, The Father and the Saint respectively. Based on the fact that the El Padre is a Connecticut and the El Santo is the maduro, any guess which one I went to first?  Of course, I grabbed the El Santo Prensado, the box pressed, 6″ x 52 toro size. This also comes in a Robusto Gordo which measures 4½”x 58. The details on this cigar are vague according to the information I was provided, it lists the wrapper as Sumatra Nicaraguan Maduro, and “a proprietary blend” of Honduran tobaccos that they grow on their own plantations, and Nicaraguan binder and fillers.    CLICK HERE to continue…

The list is almost complete as we count down the remaining days before 2018 comes to close. Today we release the next 6 candidates for the Stogie Press top 25 Boutique Cigars of 2018. This takes us to 22 candidates. The last group will include 8 more for a total of 30 cigars and then we will rank them 1 -25 and include 5 honorable mentions as there were quite a few fine cigars released this year.

The Hostage by Providencia Cigars was a cigar that was full of great flavors, and at times, unique flavors like clove and currant. This is a nicotine punch for sure.  For the little Texas cigar company, this was a tribute to owner Jim Faber’s harrowing experience in Honduras and it lives up to its expectations.

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Cigar Noise – Opening Thoughts

The Providencia Trinitas is, right now, a unicorn.  For another two to six weeks, you’ll never find one.  The fine folks at Providencia Cigars offered me the rare opportunity to review this pre-release, triple ligero smoke and I of course accepted.  You may recognize the Providencia name from my past reviews of their El Santo cigar and their El Padre offering.

The Trinitas was what I would describe as “soft box pressed”.  The San Andres wrapped edges were uniform and elegant.  The foot was tapered sharply and the cap had a torpedo shape to it.  It reminded me of the shape you see in the Oliva Serie V Melanio.   CLICK HERE to continue…

Providencia El Padre – Opening Thoughts

I’ve been eyeing the smooth wrapper of the Providencia El Padre since the day it arrived in the mail.  Small veins and discreet seams lend a quality feel to the cigar and the weight of this Robusto Gordo feels perfect in my hand.  All of the qualities mentioned make me think I am in for a great experience with this smoke.

Deeply drawing against the wrapper, dry hay, cinnamon and a hint of spearmint combine for a truly interesting mix.  From the foot, dry hay, mild tobacco and that same subtle mint freshness makes iteslf known.  Clipping the cap gets me access a near perfect draw which is surprisingly void of much flavor at all, yielding only dry grass and mild spice.  Let’s put a torch to this stick and see if it’s a big deal.    CLICK HERE to continue…

Providencia Cigars El Santo Cigar Review – A Must Try!

A little while ago I was contacted by Raymond Zinar one of the three owners of  the owners of Providencia Cigars. Raymond wanted to know if I would  be interested in reviewing his company’s cigars. I have seen posts on social media about this brand, and from the photos I saw, the cigars looked inviting. I answered Raymond in the positive and shortly afterwards I received review samples of the company’s two blends; the El Padre and the El Santo. The cigar looked as good as the photos I saw, maybe even better.       CLICK HERE to continue…