Since we developed our first cigars 10 years ago for a handful of friends and FullSizeRenderenthusiasts, it became clear to us that cigars are catalytic to good conversation and deep friendships.  Our Friends of the Brand (FOTB) tribe is comprised of the friends that Jim, Ray and Reed have shared sticks with over the years, who have helped us taste test and refine new small batch blends and who have shared the Providencia experience with their own networks of friends. To honor these relationships, we are creating a way for them to invite other enthusiasts and aficionados into our FOTB family.  As our family grows, so will friendships and benefits we bring to each other.

As a Friend of the Brand, you will have access to advanced information and special promotions.  We consider FOTB, Providencia Cigar enthusiasts who want “insider information” on things we are developing.  We will communicate with each other via email and your information will remain confidential. Please fill out the information below and welcome to Friends of the Brand!



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