Our Story

PROVIDENCIA CIGARS has three founders, Jim Faber, Reed Grafke and Raymond Zinar. Jim Faber and Reed Grafke are two American guys whose friendship began in 2006 over good cigars and missions work in Honduras. Jim, an ex pro soccer player and coach, lived in Honduras for 15 years where he married a beautiful Honduran woman. They have two natural children that were born there and one adopted daughter that was born in the cigar region of the Honduran countryside. When Jim and Reed met, the Grafkes were living in Southlake, Texas where Reed served as Executive Pastor of Global Ministries for Gateway Church and engaged in other business ventures and sustainable initiatives. Longtime friend, Ray Zinar took a trip to Honduras where he fell in love with the boutique cigar industry and became instrumental in the planting and growing process of our Honduran tobaccos. Ray brings a lifetime of marketing, executive management and business development to the team.

Ray, Jim and Reed became friends with Javier Mendoza, a second generation plantation owner and master blender who founded Alianza Cigars in Danli, Honduras. Javier’s family plantations and drying barns are located in in the region of Trojes, Honduras, a mountainous valley nestled along the border of Nicaragua. With the perfect combination of sun and shade, plus water from mountain aquifers and Cuban-like soil, the Trojes region of Honduras produces a uniquely flavored tobacco that is highly prized in the premium cigar industry.

Working closely with Javier over the past ten years, Jim, Ray and Reed have been learning the art of growing, drying, aging, blending and rolling premium cigars. After creating dozens of experimental cigar blends, they became convinced that it was possible to make a world class ultra-premium cigar using carefully aged tobaccos from Javier’s plantations – blended with the finest aged tobaccos available from Nicaragua.

With tasting help from a growing group of friends and loyal followers from around the world, the El Santo and the El Padre blends emerged as the tribe’s favorite daily cigars regardless of price. Reed, Jim and Ray will tell you that learning the cigar industry has been an inspiring experience, but the most rewarding part of the journey has been the friendships made and meaningful conversations had over good cigars and complimentary beverages. Their passion was to make the best cigar in the world for their friends, but ultimately Providencia Cigars was incorporated and trademarked in order to meet the growing demand of it’s loyal tribe.



Leadership Team

Jim Faber

After playing soccer at the collegiate level, Jim Faber went to Honduras on a short-term mission trip in 1997 to teach soccer to inner city kids and gang members. Falling in love with the culture, Jim decided to stay and ended up playing professional soccer as he continued working with local kids. Ultimately, Jim married a beautiful Honduran woman. They had two kids together and adopted a beautiful young girl from the cigar region of the Honduran countryside. While working in the cigar region, Jim became friends with Javier Mendoza, a second-generation grower, blender and cigar manufacturer. Under Mendoza’s tutelage for over ten years, Jim developed the knowledge and expertise that is foundational to Providencia’s success. Though living in Texas for the past few years, Jim continues to oversee Providencia’s operations in Honduras. He is passionate about all aspects of the cigar business, especially the enjoyment of a great cigar with fellow enthusiasts and aficionados.

Raymond Zinar 

For over 28 years Raymond has held various senior and executive management positions within in the Home Entertainment industry. Primarily responsible for Sales, but also working alongside Marketing and Distribution divisions to place physical/digital media (theatrical films and TV programming) into mass retail, specialty and rental outlets, as well as online partners in the US and abroad. He is living in the Dallas/Fort worth area with his wife Lori, and they have two boys Noah (17) and Griffin (22). He is passionate about the cigar business and is looking forward to meeting great people and smoking fantastic cigars for years to come…

Reed Grafke

Reed’s entrepreneurial spirit and genuine love for people have been the main drivers in a diverse executive and management career that spans the non-profit and for-profit sectors.  Reed served in an executive capacity as VP for two oil and gas companies and as founder and president of a construction company and a financial services company. Reed has also served as VP of Hope for the Nations and Executive Pastor for two churches with a focus on self-sustaining missions, leadership development and children at risk in over 30 nations.

Enjoying and making fine cigars is an extension of Reed’s love of gourmet cooking, fine wine and authentic friendships. He is part of several formal and informal cigar clubs and loves the art making unique boutique cigars. At the heart of the Providencia Team of Reed, Jim and Ray is a deep friendship that has grown out of their passion to make and enjoy luxury cigars.